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Month: December 2018

Simulate upstream proxy timeout using nodejs

This is something that I have came across while tuning an nginx server which has multiple tomcat instances as upstream. We were trying to adjust the read timeout of the upstream proxies. It is hard to simulate this by stopping the backend as it will throw a 503 bad gateway. So, for simulating this, we used a nodejs script.

Fix 404 error for permalinks while using SSL in wordpress

This was an issue I have faced while setting up this blog. I was getting 404 errors for all the post links in this blog when selecting the non default permalink structure with SSL. 

First thing I tried was to regenerate the .htaccess file. Removed the existing .htaccess file in the WordPress root folder. Regenerated the file by switching  the permalink again. That didnt worked for me. The fix was something with the web sever level. Finally, I found the fix. 

The directory tag is required in ssl virtual host config of apache same as of http port 80, to allow override redirect rules using .htaccess of wordpress.


Thanks to this digitalocean thread 

Monitor ECS agent uptime using crontab and SNS

The Amazon ECS container agent allows container instances to connect to your cluster. If this agent is down for some reason, deployments to the service won’t be reflected in the instance and can cause discrepancy.
Here is a one-liner to check if ECS agent container is running. If it is not running, we are making use of AWS SNS service to send a notification to a topic.
if [ -z $(docker ps -f “name=ecs-agent” -f “status=running” -q) ]; then /usr/bin/aws –region=us-east-1 sns publish –topic-arn “arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:123456789012:Topicname” –message “ECS Agent is not running in $HOSTNAME.”; fi
Make sure that the instance role has permissions to publish to the required topic and the topic is already configured.

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